The 2015 Fall Recital was held Sat., Dec. 12, at
St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Annandale.


Below: Students are shown relaxing after their performances in the recital.






"101 Pianists"

Wyatt Piano Studio students Caitlin, Jennifer, Timmy, and Albert performed with Lang Lang at “101 Pianists” at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

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About Wyatt Piano Studio



2016 Piano Olympics participants.



The Wyatt Piano Studio includes elementary, intermediate, and advanced students. Although many students are musically gifted, there are students of average abilities as well. What the students have in common is that each one truly enjoys playing the piano, and is taking piano lessons at his or her own desire. This self-motivation helps to provide an atmosphere of positive peer interaction and a feeling of community within the studio.

Along with repertoire appropriate for each individual, the studio emphasizes the building of basic learning skills, particularly sight-reading and technical development. Our technical program follows the Russian regimen known as “Piano Olympics,” culminating in an annual event during which each student displays his technical skills. The studio participates annually in the Virginia State Sightreading Exam. Music theory is taught through workbooks and analysis of the pieces studied.


All students are encouraged to participate in non-competitive festivals and the Wyatt Piano Studio’s annual recitals. A student’s participation in competitive events will be supported as well, if that student can demonstrate ability and preparation that is well above average, along with a temperament that can handle the intensity associated with these events.